Contactless is effortless

NFC technology allows two devices within close proximity – such as a smartphone and a payment terminal – to wirelessly transfer data between each other. Your customers can securely send their credit or debit card information to your terminal without any physical contact.


The basics

NFC powers the technology behind mobile wallets like Apple PayTM, Samsung Pay, and Google PayTM, but the capabilities don’t stop there. Nowadays, consumers can use their fitness trackers and watches to make NFC payments. Vacation-goers can pay for meals or souvenirs with wristbands. And, if the contactless symbol is present on your physical credit or debit card, you no longer have to swipe or dip to complete your purchase.

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How it works

The workings of Near Field Communication

Customers will know your business accepts near field communication payments if they see the contactless symbol displayed on your credit card terminal or card reader. Just as if he or she were to open their physical wallet or purse, the customer must open the NFC payment app on the smartphone or wearable device and select the payment method to be used, whether that is a credit card, debit card, or even a gift card.Once payment type is selected, the customer simply waves or taps their device over the NFC-enabled terminal to complete the transaction. This initiates an electromagnetic induction link between the device and the terminal. Instead of transferring account numbers, card details are encrypted in the mobile wallet and a secure element chip provides a unique digital signature for each individual purchase. The element verification is similar to the validation process commonly associated with chip-enabled EMV credit cards.If a customer chooses to use a physical contactless card, the only difference is that they actually have to take the card out of their wallet or purse. USA PAY offers a complete line of NFC-enabled devices for secure, contactless payments.

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Why contactless

Why do you need NFC payments

Today’s consumers desire a frictionless purchasing experience from start to finish. With NFC-enabled equipment, speedier payments plus shorter lines equals more sales by the hour. Couple that with enhanced security – tokenization, multi-factor authentication, and no contact with card – and you offer your clients an attractive payment method. You can even bring loyalty programs and other value-added services to your customers with smart-tap NFC messaging. Get started with a near field communication payment solution for your small business or large business. Our professional team is here to assist you.

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The NFC advantage

It's only the begining for what is possible with contactless

Near Field Communication payments are the future of terminal interactions.

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Near Field Communication has built in bit encryption technology to minimise fraud and better protect customers data.

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Ease of use

NFC payments ease of use needs no introduction. We all know how easy it is to just tap our card or phone, getting rid all the extra hassle.

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Alternate payment methods

With Near Field Communication's alternative payment method integration, one can seamlessly use Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay with any terminal.


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"I would like to commend USA Payment services on professionalism and sincerity to my company and myself. We are very happy with your company's services and we look forward to a long prosperous relationship."

Thomas G Mills

"I have talked to our CFO on numerous occasions and choosing to process with USA Payment Services was one of our best decisions. We have truly never saved more money on one business decision alone as we did with this one."

Oliver Dawson
Head of Accounting at Chicago Pneumatic

“USA PAY’s personal and exceptional service made the on boarding process simple and efficient.  We have 4 POS terminals at this location and have put their chip and pin readers at each one.  I would suggest this for every Kilwins location. The processing time is extremely quick and efficient.”

Micheal Wellington
Franchise Owner at Kilwins

“Anytime that we had a question, we have recieved only sympethetic and informative answers. Our sales represenative spent time explaining the process without wasting time to the best of her ability and was honest and true to her word.”

Aaron Carson
Co-founder & CTO of BytePress

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A member from our solution consultant team will be happy to help you start your application process with us.