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From merchant statements and alerts to our next-generation Business Track® online portal and dashboard, USA PAY offers comprehensive reporting solutions for merchants of all sizes enabling efficient management of payment transaction data.

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Bettering your business with analytics

Our comprehensive Reporting Solutions suite offers easy-to-use, flexible tools that can be accessed 24×7 in order to manage your business effectively.


Run your business more efficiently with centralized access to information


Enjoy an at-a-glance view of your processing information and user-friendly features


Manage data through a wide variety of flexible reporting solutions

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Up to Date

Stay informed about key deposit, dispute and reconciliation events

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Advanced Analytics

USA PAY's advanced analytics are designed to be directly accessible and available to those who need business insight. The platform's insights and reporting capabilities are designed to be directly accessible to multiple users, including business, marketing and risk, while data access is designed for demanding users with specific data needs, such as data analysts and data scientists.

Data Science & AI

By simplifying company workflows like payment reconciliation and revenue recognition, Companies can spend less time monitoring the books and more time finding new business opportunities.

Reports & Automation

Our analytic reporting, automated the entire process for you. Whether it be employees, transaction, reciepts, settlements and overview; all are reported in real time. Keeping you up to date of eveything that goes on in the payment side of your business.

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